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  • cover for dust devils

    dust devils, The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2016, edited by Jim Kacian and the Red Moon Editorial Staff

    The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku enters its third decade of gathering the finest haiku and related forms published around the world in English into a single book, the longest run of any book dedicated to ELH. . . . Continue Reading

    cover for New Res 10

    A New Resonance 10, Emerging Voices in English-Language Haiku

    New Resonance poets now number nearly 200. They have won scads of contests, their subsequent books have been accorded the honor of serious and adulatory review and critique, and many are recognized amongst the leaders of literary haiku in their countries . . . Continue Reading

    cover for afterimage

    after/image, haiku by Jim Kacian

    “Jim Kacian’s first full-length collection in nearly a decade explores the boundaries of haiku, not only in terms of content, but in typography, form, and sequencing as well. The result is a search not only for the resonant image, but the residue of image, afterimage.” . . . Continue Reading

    cover for tokaido

    Tokaido, haibun by Terry Ann Carter

    “. . . [Terry Ann Carter] ‘becomes her own ghost,’ living in both the past and the present. The bittersweet mood that [she] brings forth is full of marvelous surprises . . .” . . . Continue Reading

    cover of b-flat blues

    b-flat blues, haiku by Bill Cooper

    Bill Cooper evokes the blues — and not just the musical kind — in his fourth full-length collection with Red Moon Press. As in his other books, you’ll find sharp insights, a telling way with words, and an especial feel for natural and human predicament. . . . Continue Reading

    cover for eucalyptus wind

    eucalyptus wind, haiku by Karina M. Young

    “In this book, we are clearly in the company of someone who has a reverence for nature and a keen eye for the small details that can easily escape the notice of someone less aware of her surroundings. These haiku are classical in feel, but Young’s approach is fresh and accessible.” . . . Continue Reading

    cover for helices

    helices, haiku of George Swede

    George Swede is one of the most prolific and beloved poets working in haiku today. helices is his 39th volume of poems . . . Continue Reading

    cover for the color blue

    The Color Blue, short poems and haiga by Alexis Rotella

    “Reading Alexis Rotella’s latest book is much like scrying into a mirror or pool of water. There is a simple frankness and transparency to her poetry that is universally insightful and appealing.” . . . Continue Reading

    cover for calculus of daylilies

    Calculus of Daylilies, haiku by Carolyn Hall

    “Carolyn Hall lives an examined life; it’s our good fortune that one of her methods of inquiry is haiku. With the natural world as her chosen witness or interlocutor, these poems address concerns both timely and timeless.” . . . Continue Reading

    cover for paper ships

    Paper Ships, haiku by Joyce Walker Currier

    “Joyce Walker Currier has been on a lifelong adventure with haiku since the 1970s. She doesn’t have to journey far to find inspiration and awe from what life provides each day.” . . . Continue Reading

    cover for lifedeathetc

    lifedeathetc, haiku by Anna Maris

    Anna Maris, widely published in her native Sweden, offers a full-length collection of English-language haiku (paired with Swedish versions) in her first book with Red Moon Press. . . . Continue Reading

    cover for plum afternoon

    plum afternoon, haiku by Kristen Deming

    “Kristen has been a bridge connecting Japanese and American poets since her days in diplomacy in Tokyo. The crystalline quality of her haiku in plum afternoon enables us to see through not only her moments, but brings back ours as well.” . . . Continue Reading

    cover for the new world

    The New World, haiku by Keith Polette

    This is Keith Polette’s first collection of haiku, but you wouldn’t know it. His sharp eye and consistent voice suggest someone with a much longer history in the genre, and his unfailing naturalistic perspective is both comfortable and welcome in this time of turmoil. . . . Continue Reading

    cover for out of nowherek

    Out of Nowhere, haiku and senryu by Rob Scott

    “Rob Scott is an Australian haiku poet with an international reputation which will only be enhanced by the publication of this exciting new book . . . Continue Reading

    cover of bitter clover

    bitter clover, poems of Steven Carter

    The latest volume from the prolific Steven Carter, whose work ranges from conversations with Catullus to a reinvention of the haibun to aphorism to masterful memoir and prose poetry. This volume is contains primarily short lyrics, treated in his own eclectic fashion, enough to bring his admirers to such effusions as . . . Continue Reading

    cover of earth in sunlight

    Earth in Sunrise: A Course for English-Language Study, a guidebook for teaching haiku in ESL by Richard Gilbert & David Ostman

    Teaching haiku can be a very difficult proposition. Teaching it in a second language is even more daunting. Richard Gilbert and David Ostman meet both these challenges in this unique approach. . . . Continue Reading