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  • cover for galaxy of dust

    galaxy of dust, The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2015, edited by Jim Kacian and the Red Moon Editorial Staff

    Red Moon Press celebrates twenty years of the Red Moon Anthology in releasing galaxy of dust. RMA is the most awarded series in the history of English-language haiku. It collects the best haiku and related writings from around the world in each calendar year . . . Continue Reading

    cover for Something Out of Nothing

    A New Resonance 9, Emerging Voices in English-Language Haiku

    New Resonance poets now number more than 150. They have won scads of contests, their subsequent books have been accorded the honor of serious and adulatory review and critique, and many are recognized amongst the leaders of literary haiku in their countries . . . Continue Reading

    cover of disjunctive dragonfly

    The Disjunctive Dragonfly, A New Approach to English-Language Haiku, by Richard Gilbert

    “You might call this book Twenty-four Ways of Looking at a Haiku in the 21st Century . . .  Continue Reading

    cover for screech of chalk

    Kreischen der Kreide / the screech of chalk, haiku by Ralf Bröker

    “Genug gelobt. Eigentlich. Oder auch nicht. Aber was soll ich noch sagen, ohne allzu viel zu verraten vom ‘Kreischen der Kreide’? Kaufen!”. . . Continue Reading

    cover for past due

    Past Due, haiku by Jeff Stillman

    Jeff Stillman writes poems of emotional weather, often wry, sometimes caustic, frequently amusing. He has been doing this for more than a decade . . .” Continue Reading

    cover for half way through

    sleeping bear, haiku by Kurt Westley

    After four decades of writing haiku, Kurt Westley releases his first full-length volume of haiku, sleeping bear. His work is reminiscent of that of Charles Henri Ford, but more accessible. This book will surely be a revelation to those who have not yet encountered it. . . .” Continue Reading

    cover for a path of desire

    A Path of Desire, tan renga by Peter Newton & Kathe L. Palka

    The art of tan renga is not often practiced in English, and when it is most often there is only an example or two. This pioneering book, a collaboration between two well-known and cogent poets associated with haiku, will go a long way toward creating an awareness of the resources available in the form. . . . Continue Reading

    cover for invisible tracks

    invisible tracks, haiku and quanta poems by Dietmar Tauchner

    Dietmar Tauchner continues his exploration of the relationship between words and time in invisible tracks, his third full-length collection from Red Moon Press. As Lorin Ford notes, “Invisible Tracks: Haiku & quanta poems engages us with a many-layered world . . .” Continue Reading

    cover for chrysanthemum dusk

    chrysanthemum dusk, haiku by Susan B. Auld

    “Susan B. Auld’s poetry offers a close, quiet look at the beauty within sorrow, giving voice to the joy too deep for our hearts to express.” —Julie Warther. . . . Continue Reading

    cover of being in the mirror

    being in the mirror, Prose Poems & Meditations of Steven Carter

    Steven Carter’s varied and prolific books, ranging from haiku to dithyramb to elegy to fantasy dialogue, are seductive and off-putting, smooth and spiky, erudite and plain as porridge. See what he’s been up to lately. . . Continue Reading

    Cover of Stoelting Postscript

    Postscript Series, from Red Moon Press

    Red Moon Press continues to add to its Postscript Series, a series of chapbooks designed to honor recently deceased haiku poets. Each chapbook is culled from the entire oeuvre of the poet's lifetime, with an eye to what made these poets both distinctive and ahead of their time. Each book is handmade in limited quantities. At present there are twenty-one titles available . . .  Postscript Series