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  • cover for galaxy of dust

    galaxy of dust, The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2015, edited by Jim Kacian and the Red Moon Editorial Staff

    Red Moon Press celebrates twenty years of the Red Moon Anthology in releasing galaxy of dust. RMA is the most awarded series in the history of English-language haiku. It collects the best haiku and related writings from around the world in each calendar year . . . Continue Reading

    cover for Something Out of Nothing

    A New Resonance 9, Emerging Voices in English-Language Haiku

    New Resonance poets now number more than 150. They have won scads of contests, their subsequent books have been accorded the honor of serious and adulatory review and critique, and many are recognized amongst the leaders of literary haiku in their countries . . . Continue Reading

    cover of murmuration

    murmuration, haiku by Michelle Tennison

    Murmuration is Michelle Tennison’s first full-length collection of haiku, but you would never know it. Her writing is assured, challenging, trusting, and ranges . . . Continue Reading

    cover for horizon

    Horizon, haiku by Anatoly Kudryavitsky

    Anatoly Kudryavitsky is a poet, translator and anthologist, and his work has made great contributions to the world of poetry, especially in Ireland, but he has not been as much in evidence on our side of the pond. . . . Continue Reading

    cover for What Light There Is

    What Light There Is, haiku, senryu and tanka of Sylvia Forges-Ryan, with haiku by Ion Codrescu

    Sylvia Forges-Ryan, former editor of Frogpond, has not published a volume since her award-winning Take a Deep Breath a decade ago. Continue Reading

    cover for cicada chant

    cicada chant, collected haibun of Giselle Maya

    Those who know Giselle Maya’s handmade books appreciate her exquisite taste, her feel for the earthy and natural, and the keen harmony with which she treats her materials. Continue Reading

    cover for discovering fire

    discovering fire, essays on haiku by David Grayson

    David Grayson’s piquant essays on a variety of topics haiku have graced the pages of the leading journals and blogs for a decade, and never fail to inform, entertain, and connect . . . Continue Reading

    cover for birds and bugs

    bug-eyed and bird-brained, haiku of Rick Clark

    Rick Clark has a passion and a compassion for the small creatures of the world. These inclinations are on full display here, as are his feeling for the traditional tropes of haiku, and a predilection for a Zen orientation. . . . Continue Reading

    cover for the earth pushes back

    the earth pushes back, haiku by Bill Kenney

    Bill Kenney waited more than a decade before feeling the time was right for his first collection of haiku, and it was worth the wait. Continue Reading

    cover of urn burial

    Urn Burial, by Steven Carter

    Steven Carter is what was once called a natural philosopher. The term, and the occupation, are now obsolete, but that doesn’t mean Carter’s writing is. . . Continue Reading

    Cover of Stoelting Postscript

    Postscript Series, from Red Moon Press

    Red Moon Press continues to add to its Postscript Series, a series of chapbooks designed to honor recently deceased haiku poets. Each chapbook is culled from the entire oeuvre of the poet's lifetime, with an eye to what made these poets both distinctive and ahead of their time. Each book is handmade in limited quantities. At present there are twenty-one titles available . . .  Postscript Series