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  • cover for fear of dancing

    fear of dancing, The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku, edited by Jim Kacian and the Red Moon Editorial Staff

    fear of dancing is the eighteenth volume in this most awarded series in the history of English-language haiku. It collects the best haiku and related writings from around the world in the calendar year 2013 . . . Continue Reading

    cover for contemporary haibun 15

    contemporary haibun, Volume 15

    contemporary haibun remains the single volume and series dedicated to the twin arts of English-language haibun (haiku prose) and modern haiga (haiku painting). It is also the final volume of the series to be completed by the original editorial team of Jim Kacian, Ken Jones and Bruce Ross . . .” Continue Reading

    cover for anchorage

    Anchorage, selected haiku 1991-2013 by David Cobb

    David Cobb is one of the best-known and most accomplished poets seining the waters of haiku and related genres in English. This volume gathers his best from the last decade-plus, spanning seven volumes. . . . Continue Reading

    cover for d(ark)

    d(ark), haiku by John Stevenson

    John Stevenson, who has worn nearly every hat imaginable in the English-language haiku world, is also one its best poets. His latest full-length collection follows in the tradition of his previous award-winners Some of the Silence, quiet enough, and Live Again. Continue Reading

    cover of disjunctive dragonfly

    The Disjunctive Dragonfly, A New Approach to English-Language Haiku, by Richard Gilbert

    “You might call this book Twenty-four Ways of Looking at a Haiku in the 21st Century. . . . Professor Gilbert investigates how language experimentation in contemporary English-language haiku both connects and radically departs from 20th century conventions. . . .” Continue Reading

    cover of firefly

    the firefly’s signature, haiku by Jörgen Johansson

    ““What a memorable world imagined and experienced between the two flies of the opening and closing poems! Jörgen Johansson’s haiku and senryu range from the comical and quirky to the profound and sad. He is the Issa of modern Sweden.” — Michael McClintock, President and co-founder, United Haiku and Tanka Society” Continue Reading

    Cover of Plazanin Postscript

    Postscript Series, from Red Moon Press

    Red Moon Press announces the Postscript Series, a series of chapbooks designed to honor recently deceased haiku poets. Each chapbook is culled from the entire oeuvre of the poet's lifetime, with an eye to what made these poets both distinctive and ahead of their time. Each book is handmade in limited quantities. At present there are twenty titles available . . .  Postscript Series